Dragon Magick ::

excerpt from Chapter One

So, what is Dragon Magick, and what makes it any different than any other form of magick?

Dragon Magick is not High Magick, nor is it Low Magick. It has been the experience of this writer that in reality there is very little difference between these two so called forms of magick. In the same way that so called Black, and White magick are just vain attempts by the employer to justify their actions without fully accepting responsibilities for those actions. All magick is gray! How you use it and what form it takes is a matter of your ethics. No one else, just you!

When you seek to employ dragons in your magickal workings, you are seeking to go beyond the conscious mind, and tap into the primal archetypes of the sub-conscious, and super-conscious minds. Each person has the ability to suspend their belief in the physical reality, and step into the vast untapped vistas of the sub-conscious mind. This is the space that artists, and inventors dance in. The place where what is, what was, and what could be, merge into a plateau of possibilities. The super-conscious mind is that which is also know as God-consciousness. It is where all things are connected. In Star Wars [Lucas Film Ltd., 1977] they call it the Force.

  • For the purposes of this work, think of these three forms of consciousness in this manner:
    • Dragon of Sea - sub-conscious mind
    • Dragon of Land - conscious mind
    • Dragon of Sky - super-conscious mind

With the act of summoning the Dragons of Sea, Land, and Sky you are reaching back into the primal abyss, and forward into the unfathomable future.